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Sales Heros

Today’s customers need more than an average sales person, They need a confident, caring professional who is ready to serve them when they need help. They need a fearless person who can help them be honest about their situation and encourage them to make challenging decisions and difficult changes so they can have their needs addressed and be cared for, safe and happy.

Today’s customer needs a Sales Super Hero to inspire them not sell them.   

Here is a daily Rx to help you become a Sales Super Hero and have more meaningful relationships, increased success and abundant happiness as you love and serve others..

BE PRESENT.  We cherish those rare opportunities to spend time with someone who is completely tuned into and focused on simply listening to what we think and how we feel.  Those you meet will always remember that you showed a genuine interest in getting to know them.  People value those who listen more than they talk and give their full undivided attention and in the process, you will feel great as well.

BREATH DEEPLY.  You can feel more relaxed, be calmer and more confident as you address your challenges, fears and anxieties by remembering to breathe deeply as often as possible. You can also help those you are serving, de-stress and relax by modeling this important health exercise and suggesting that they take a minute to take a deep breath.

BE GRATEFUL.  Remember to express your gratitude as often as possible for all the little things as well as the big things in life.  Expressing gratitude will give you a different perspective as fear is replaced with confidence and optimism and challenges appear as opportunities.   As you show daily appreciation for everything you have you are instantly blessed with even more to be thankful for.

LIVE WITH INTENTION.  Live with intention and dream big, make positive choices, plan for resistance and always move forward.  Our time on earth is too precious to waste even a moment pursuing meaningless pursuits that do not build our character and capacity.   Discover and exemplify the real you by identifying, clarifying and prioritizing your true values.  Choose your thoughts carefully and proactively create the positive feelings and a meaningful future

BE FEARLESS.  Fear is the number one barrier to living confidently.  We are all fearful but you can overcome fear by focusing on service and loving others.   Embrace fear, because fear is a necessary component of growth and positive change. You have this one life right now, and it will come to an end on some day in the future. What’s the point of living it in fear? There are great things to do! Just do them.

You can reach out to www.ValueMatchPlus.com or reach Will Nowell directly at wnowell@valuematchplus.com or (602) 284-0124.

Will Nowell is the President of Peak Performance MS and ValueMatch Plus.   Peak Performance Mystery Shopping is a premier provider of mystery shopping services. William Nowell has been providing sales consulting and training in the retirement industry for more than 20 years. Will is the author of the best-selling book, ValueMatch Selling.

William Nowell

by William Nowell

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