Tips To Avoid The Summer Sales Slump – Shop & Train Your Sales Team

Want to avoid the summer sales slump?  Now might be a good time to shop your “Rock Star”sales team?  Let’s face it, Summer is in full swing and some of your sales people might be a little distracted. Recent Mystery shopping results identified opportunities to improve? ….

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How would your team compare?

1. Night and weekend inquiries:

  • The person answering the phone should be professional and capable to answer basic questions and collect information.
    • Provide a standard greeting
    • Gather critical information
    • Walk the caller through a simple sales process to reassure them that they have called the Right Place

70% of the night and weekend mystery call scores are being answered by someone who is not trained and the callers are reporting that in most cases they would not consider visiting based on their experience.

2. Web inquiries:

  • The sales team should be providing immediate and personalized web Inquiry follow up and follow through:
    • A personal email from a sales person within 15 minutes
    • A standard Email format for content, grammar and spelling
    • A compelling reason to chat by phone as soon as possible
    • A phone call to the prospect within 5 minutes if a number was provided

50% + of the web inquiries were not responded to at all and 65% of the web inquiry responses occurred after the first 6 hours and/or had grammatical errors.

3. Incoming sales calls:

  • The sales team should control the initial call by asking questions and listening vs. talking and laundry listing.
    • How to listen instead of talk on the call
    • How to build trust and confidence with the caller
    • How to ask the appropriate questions to learn the situation and urgency
    • How to ask for the visit in a clear and direct way and overcome objections

54% of the mystery shoppers said that they did not feel they connected with the sales person and were neutral or worse as far as their intention to visit the community as a result of their calling experience.

4. Asking for a deposit:

  • The sales team members should be comfortable asking the prospects for a deposit to help them mive forward in the process.
    • How to listen instead of talk on the visit
    • How to build trust and confidence with the visitor
    • How to ask the appropriate questions to learn the situation and urgency
    • How to identify the unique needs of each visitor
    • How to keep the visit focused on the expressed values of the customer
    • How to ask for the sale in a clear and direct way and overcome objections

85% of the mystery shoppers said that they were not asked directly for a deposit.

How Does It Feel to the Prospect?

It’s time to ask how your sales process feels from a prospect’s perspective?

When prospects don’t feel positive about the sales experience they do not complain, they simply move on. Prospects that are underwhelmed often feel frustrated and angry and will not only go elsewhere but will typically share their poor experience with others. Today, with ready access to the world of social media and consumer review sites, the reach of a negative experience can be even broader.

If You Don’t Do Anything It Could Get Expensive? 

The average cost of a new inquiry is $200 or more, so blowing a lead is like taking two $100 bills and setting them on fire — or potentially worse.

Based on a very modest monthly service fee of $3,000 and a 30-month average stay, the loss of a move-in could easily approach $100,000.

A Simple Plan!

Act – Provide sales training to every single person who might possibly answer the phone or encounter a prospect.

Plan – Provide guidelines, scripts and tools to help the sales people and others be successful.

Do – Be vigilant in encouraging and reinforcing company standards.  

Check – Provide accurate, reliable and consistent mystery shopping feedback and coaching. 

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Will Nowell is the President of Peak Performance MS. Peak Performance Mystery Shopping is a premier provider of mystery shopping services. William Nowell has been providing sales consulting and training in the retirement industry for more than 20 years. Will is the author of the best-selling book, ValueMatch Selling.

William Nowell

by William Nowell