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Tips To Avoid The Summer Sales Slump – Shop & Train Your Sales Team

Want to avoid the summer sales slump?  Now might be a good time to shop your “Rock Star”sales team?  Let’s face it, Summer is in full swing and some of your sales people might be a little distracted. Recent Mystery shopping results identified opportunities to improve? …. Click here to Download a Free Sales Guide […]

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Do Sales and Fly Fishing Share Common Ground?

Sales and Fly Fishing are two of my passions.  I suspect the reason is that I have not achieved my full potential in either area and I know that I can increase my success by focusing on a few important principles which I control.  Here are my thoughts, can you think of others? You catch more […]

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Making a friend is more important than making a sale

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend who operates a large company in the senior living space.  It is always good to visit with my pal and catch up.  I am so glad that our friendship has endured even though my company has not provided any service to his for some […]

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Top Managers Share Ideas – Maximize the Value of Mystery Shopping!

Maximize the perception and Value of your Mystery Shopping Program with a few simple ideas. It’s all about Purpose, Process and Persistence. There are few sales management tools that have the ability to be more powerful and/or polarizing than Mystery Shopping. Mystery Shopping has the ability to strike fear in the hearts of even the […]

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Asking for the check is about moving the process forward

Ask for the Check/Close and Move the Process Forward Published on Sun, 12/14/2014 – 11:07pm This article was written by Will Nowell, the Founder of ValueMatch Selling a Senior Housing Forum Partner I pride myself on teaching non-salespeople how to sell and on teaching salespeople how to sell like crazy. No matter who you are or […]