Download a Free Competitive Checklist

How are planning to set yourself apart as the “Highest and Best Value” in your market? Given the competitive nature of the industry?  It is wise to check out the competition before preparing and approving marketing strategies, sales plans and budgets? Competitive Mystery Shopping is a great way to check to see how your competitions […]

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Tips To Avoid The Summer Sales Slump – Shop & Train Your Sales Team

Want to avoid the summer sales slump?  Now might be a good time to shop your “Rock Star”sales team?  Let’s face it, Summer is in full swing and some of your sales people might be a little distracted. Recent Mystery shopping results identified opportunities to improve? …. Click here to Download a Free Sales Guide […]

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Making a friend is more important than making a sale

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend who operates a large company in the senior living space.  It is always good to visit with my pal and catch up.  I am so glad that our friendship has endured even though my company has not provided any service to his for some […]

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Weekend and Night Mystery Shops Score bottom 25%!

Recent results show 70% of the night and weekend mystery calls score in the bottom 25%. Find out why!  —-> Click Here : To Download The Peak Phone Sales Call Guide. In Phoenix, Arizona, the thermometer spends most of its time above the 100 degree mark during the summer days and rarely dips below the mid 80s […]

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So Many Analogies, So Little Time!

I have have had a love for bicycling for most of my life. I have always felt that there is a certain freedom and accountability when you riding that is very rare and exhilarating.  I read recently that when Steve Jobs was trying to decide on a name for Apple, he had considered the name, […]

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Top Managers Share Ideas – Maximize the Value of Mystery Shopping!

Maximize the perception and Value of your Mystery Shopping Program with a few simple ideas. It’s all about Purpose, Process and Persistence. There are few sales management tools that have the ability to be more powerful and/or polarizing than Mystery Shopping. Mystery Shopping has the ability to strike fear in the hearts of even the […]