Successful Sales and Service – What Does Love Have To Do With It?

Service and Love

Sales and Service…. Largely an Act of LOVE

When Selling is an Act of Love… the Result is Joy and Happiness

I Believe that Selling is All About LOVE!

First, you want  to Love what you do. You want to be engaged in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and your values.

Second, you want to Love what you sell.  You want to really believe in your heart that what you are recommending to others is worthwhile and valuable and will deliver the benefits promised.

Third, you want to Love the people you are selling to. You want to have a service mindset.  You want to put the needs of others ahead of your own.

I especially love the challenge of helping others make needed changes and improvements in their life that will add value immediately and provide value long into the future.

Helping individuals and families in their personal lives has the highest potential for joy and happiness and also carries with it the highest risk of failure.

Love is the most reliable and powerful tool we have to overcome the fear of failure.   Love gives us the courage to ask tough questions, listen for motivating values and compassionately confront the need to act.  To be successful when the stakes are high requires patience, humility, dedication, persistence and yes, lots of Love.

Will Nowell is the President of Peak Performance MS.  Peak Performance Marketing Services is a premier provider of Marketing Services and Automation, Mystery Shopping and Sales Skills Training.  Will is the author of,  ValueMatch Selling, a best-selling book about how to implement question-based selling in an adverse environment.  

Will helps companies establish a sales and service based culture by offering Training, Strategy, and Consulting. If you are interested you can check out, www.Peak or reach out to will at

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