Sales Management

ValueMAX™ Metrics Based Sales Management

We have created a full line of ValueMAX™ Metrics Based Management & Consulting offerings to do just that for your organization. Lets face it, the time spent to initiate any new skill, process or idea is an investment, an investment worth insuring and maximizing to its fullest value. When a new training system is being implemented through your organization, it requires constant evaluation & the proper monitoring, to ensure the right adjustments are made to guarantee continuous learning, improvement and value maximization.

All of our ValueMax™ programs include opportunities for you to evaluate the customer “experience” your organization delivers in key areas segmented by typical sales & customer service situations.

ValueMAX™ Sales Management & Consulting Offerings
  • Mystery Shopping
  • LIVE Sales Performance Capture
  • Lost Leads Database Calling
  • In-Bound Phone Inquiry Call Center
  • Group & On-On-One Coaching
  • Sales Experience Audit
  • Competitive Review & Analysis