Competitor Analysis

Uncover competitive intelligence with our competitor mystery shop programs

Learn how you can improve your customer service strategy relative to your competitors. Benchmark your service standards against other companies in your industry.

How it works…
Our trained mystery shoppers will visit strategically selected competitor locations in your industry and pose as regular shoppers to evaluate their customer service experience. To benchmark your services against your competitors, we recommend combining competitive shops with customer service experience shops in your own locations.

Shoppers will use our expertly designed surveys to measure key characteristics of positive customer service experience in your industry such as selling techniques, product knowledge, product and merchandising techniques and site cleanliness.

Leverage industry benchmarks

Use the insights we uncover to:

  •  Identify opportunities to out-perform your competitors and increase market share
  •  Develop unique experiences to differentiate your business and add value to your brand
  •  Identify best practices in your industry
  •  Directly benchmark your service performance to your competitors
  •  Maintain a strong knowledge base of your competitors and your industry
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