Empowering Your Success

We have created a suite of offerings aimed at helping organizations Maximize Sales Performance, Become a Provider of Choice and Create a Culture of Performance Improvement.

We understand the many challengers providers face in today’s rapidly changing environment and we want to become your partner in creating real changes for success. Please choose from any of our offerings below to learn more re about how we can help you on your oath to success.

Mystery Shopping

With 23+ years experience we know that Mystery Shopping can be very instrumental in helping your company set and maintain excellent standards in customer service, sales presentation and follow up, employee morale, training effectiveness and in obtaining competitor information. A mystery shopper audit can provide a look at your community and employees from a different view point.

Mystery Shops Offered:
  • Telephone – Audio Recorded
  • In-Person – Audio or Video Recorded
  • Competitor
  • Web
  • Follow Up

Our Mystery Shopping Program is the the leading customer service and sales assessment and reporting system for companies that desire timely, high quality and accurate information.


Sales Performance Management & Consulting

Our Metrics Based Programs, accurately measure & improve sales performance real-time. Lets face it, the time spent to initiate any new skill, process or idea is an investment, an investment worth insuring and maximizing to its fullest value. When a new training system is being implemented through your organization, it requires constant evaluation & the proper monitoring, to ensure the right adjustments are made to guarantee continuous learning, improvement and value maximization.All of our programs include opportunities for you to evaluate the customer “experience” your organization delivers in key areas segmented by typical sales & customer service situations.

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Sales Training & Coaching

We can help improve your Sales Training solutions so they are custom tailored to immediately increase sales & closing ratios and produce a return on investment.

If you are looking to make small adjustments to your current system or create a completely  new solution, Mystery Shopping enables you to measure and pin point new opportunities for success.

Lead Generation

Generating leads and maximizing sales and marketing opportunities is essential to growing your business. We offer services to automate you marketing to ensure each and every prospect is receiving the most exposure to your business, brand, and offerings. Manage how you are presented to prospects, new customers, and existing and returning clientele in a very personalized, targeted and specific way.

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