Sales People Can Soar If You Give Them Curved Wings, A little More Thrust And A Little Less Drag

Flight Prtinciples

All Sales People need is a curved wing, a little more thrust and a little less drag.

Recently I happened to research how planes actually fly.  It is surprising how something as cool as soaring through the air can be boiled down to  few basic principles.

It turns out that as long as the Lift (created by the wind going over a curved wing)  is greater than the weight of the plane and the Thrust (created by the jet engine or prop) is greater than the planes overall drag,  the plane can fulfill it’s designed purpose and soar.

In my crazy way of thinking I related these sames principles to how we can help  sales people reach ever higher levels of sales performance. See what you think about these analogies.

For planes the design of the curve on top of the wing is important because it forces the air passing over the top to go faster than the air passing below which in turn creates the vacuum that lifts the plane.

 I think that we can help sales people raise performance by simply giving them wings in the form of clear sales standards and wind in the form of consistent, accurate feedback about their performance.  Creating this dynamic allows the sales people to see the gap between their actual and desired performance and empowers close the gaps and excel.  

For planes the thrust is created by powerful engines designed to push or pull the plane forward and drag is reduced by making the plane smooth and aerodynamic.

I think we can help sales people increase their forward motion by making sure they are motivated by purpose as opposed to pressure and giving a clear unobstructed path of success with a proven process that they can master and a minimum of distractions to manage as they do their core job.

I have been helping companies manage sales performance for more than 20 years and few programs work better to accomplish all these goals than consistently using a well designed mystery shopping program that provides reports to the sales people about how their performance compares to national benchmarks and rewards for outstanding performance.

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by Will Nowell

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