Making a friend is more important than making a sale

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend who operates a large company in the senior living space.  It is always good to visit with my pal and catch up.  I am so glad that our friendship has endured even though my company has not provided any service to his for some time.  That said, my friend has always been interested in what is happening and often offers encouragement when needed.

Our relationship is a clear testament  to the fact that not all values are equal and that some are much more important than others.  For Instance, some might place business in front of friendship?  For me, I have always operated under the premise that even if I don’t make a sale I always want to make a friend.

People need to surround themselves with people they can trust.   Know it or not, we all have a well tuned radar that can easily detect sales people that are self interested and are myopic in their efforts. Sales people who are only interested in themselves see every interaction as a win/lose scenario and usually have a difficult time listening for and understanding the point of view of others.

It is important to show respect for others and value their opinion and beliefs, even if theirs are different than our own.

A simple secret of success is to start every interaction with the goal of developing a friendship and put  integrity and service first in everything you do. If you do that everything else that matters will fall into place.

William Nowell

by William Nowell