The Most Powerful Closing Question…Do you love it?

Let’s Replace Like with Love

I Believe that Selling is All About LOVE!

First, I need to Love what I do. I want to be engaged in activities that are consistent with my beliefs and my values.

Second, I want to Love what I sell.  I want to really believe in my heart that what I am recommending to others is worthwhile and valuable and will deliver the benefits promised.

Third, I want to Love the people I am selling to. I want to have a service mindset.  I want to put the needs of others ahead of my own.

Forth, I am a big fan of using the word LOVE in my sales process, especially when it comes to asking closing questions. Unlike the word Like, asking a question with the word LOVE is a YES or NO proposition.

Asking a closing question with the word LOVE leaves no ambiguity and encourages prospects to quickly let me know if I am on the right track.  If I get a YES then I can confidently move to the next step and if the answer is NO, I have the opportunity to learn more about what is needed to get the sale back in the groove.  Here is some examples…

Do you Love this Model?  Do you LOVE this Apartment Suite?  Do you Love this Dinning room? Do you LOVE how you feel when you are here?   I am sure you get the picture.  All you need to do to speed up your sales process and increase your effectiveness is replace the word Like with Love.

Love encourages honesty.  Love gives us the courage to ask tough questions, listen for motivating values and compassionately confront the need to act.  To be successful when the stakes are high requires patience, humility, dedication, persistence and yes, a lot of more Love.

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