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How are planning to set yourself apart as the “Highest and Best Value” in your market? Given the competitive nature of the industry?  It is wise to check out the competition before preparing and approving marketing strategies, sales plans and budgets? Competitive Mystery Shopping is a great way to check to see how your competitions ” Sales, Service and Pricing” and compare what is actually happening to what’s planned?

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If you are in the process of gathering competitive information, you might want to include these features so you get a 360 view of all the factors to consider.

Peak Performance Competitive Mystery Shops include:

  • All shops are recorded, if legally allowed.
  • All reports include analysis of each suite type by occupancy, square footage and price.
  • All reports include verbatim comments and evaluations. scoring and even pictures.
  • All shops include an evaluation of the competitors sales process and experience against your own standards and industry benchmarks.
  • All Mystery Shop Reports are available on our state of the art, “Real Time Reporting” platform that offers easy access and customized reporting and comparison.

You can learn more about our state of the industry mystery shopping at  www.Peak or reach Will Nowell directly at at (602) 284-0124.

Will Nowell is the President of Peak Performance MS and the author of ValueMatch Selling.   William Nowell has been providing sales consulting and training in the retirement industry for more than 25 years.

William Nowell

by William Nowell