Service and Love
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Successful Sales and Service – What Does Love Have To Do With It?

Sales and Service…. Largely an Act of LOVE When Selling is an Act of Love… the Result is Joy and Happiness I Believe that Selling is All About LOVE! First, you want  to Love what you do. You want to be engaged in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and your values. Second, you want […]

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Goal Setting is Important – Buy In is Essential At this time of the year most of us have spent some significant time reviewing our past performance and carefully planing for the future. Goal setting is usually the capstone of this process.  Our hope is that the goals we set provide a meaningful and vivid picture of […]

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Want to master of your world with a smile?  Try the 5 A’s

Life and business seem to provide many opportunities for change, challenges and growth. How we manage these opportunities defines us. A while ago a friend of mine, Rick Munson shared with me one of his personal and business secrets of success he called, “The Five A’s”. . I was so impressed with the simplicity and […]

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Grow Sales and be Competitive |Managing your most precious resource, TIME?|

Grow Sales and be Competitive  Managing your most precious resource, TIME?  Most sales people and sales managers value the freedom and ability to be in control of their own destiny. They value the ability to choose what they do and how they do it. Let’s face it: Managing your most precious commodity can be tough, […]

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“If you can’t make a sale, always make a friend,”

I was told the story of a man, now quite old, who was a salesman back during the Great Depression of the 1930s.   Those were tough times to be selling things. Few people had any money in those days, and fewer still were willing to let go of what little they had. This period […]

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Yikes ! Try Not To Scare Your Next Prospect

Yikes, your just meeting the prospect for the first time and you are picking up on some bad vibes.  You notice the prospect is beginning to exhibit some strange body language.  The smile the prospect showed up with has now been replaced with a straight line and the prospects pupils have started to shrink to […]

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I Quit

I Quit Published on Wed, 04/08/2015 – 11:00pm If paid Mystery Shoppers won’t tolerate voice mail and other sales missteps, why would your prospects? I took a troubling call from John and Katy, one of our best Mystery Shopper couples. John said he and his wife did not want to Mystery Shop retirement communities any […]

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So Many Analogies, So Little Time!

I have have had a love for bicycling for most of my life. I have always felt that there is a certain freedom and accountability when you riding that is very rare and exhilarating.  I read recently that when Steve Jobs was trying to decide on a name for Apple, he had considered the name, […]

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Top Managers Share Ideas – Maximize the Value of Mystery Shopping!

Maximize the perception and Value of your Mystery Shopping Program with a few simple ideas. It’s all about Purpose, Process and Persistence. There are few sales management tools that have the ability to be more powerful and/or polarizing than Mystery Shopping. Mystery Shopping has the ability to strike fear in the hearts of even the […]