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*Are Today’s Customers Their Own Worst Enemy?

Are today’s customers their own worst enemy? Recently Peak Performance MS was given the opportunity to shop more than 300 senior living competitors.  The goal was to gather detailed information about each competitor and compile a comparative report. What we found was that In general, the sales people we encountered did not have the confidence, skills or training to […]

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Now might be a good time to shop your sales team?

Now might be a good time to shop your “Rock Star”sales team? 70% of the night and weekend mystery call scores are at three-year lows. The business hour calls are not that much better.  Find out why! Download The Peak Phone Sales Call Guide. In the past three year’s every sales and marketing manager has had […]

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Knowledge is Power and Knowing Your Competition – Essential!

There is still time to check on your competition and see how they plan to set themselves apart as the “Highest and Best Value” in your market.Senior Living execs are preparing and approving marketing strategies, sales plans and budgets. Competitive Mystery Shopping is a great way to check to see how your competitions ” Service […]