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Goal Setting is Important – Buy In is Essential At this time of the year most of us have spent some significant time reviewing our past performance and carefully planing for the future. Goal setting is usually the capstone of this process.  Our hope is that the goals we set provide a meaningful and vivid picture of […]

Flight Prtinciples
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Sales People Can Soar If You Give Them Curved Wings, A little More Thrust And A Little Less Drag

All Sales People need is a curved wing, a little more thrust and a little less drag. Recently I happened to research how planes actually fly.  It is surprising how something as cool as soaring through the air can be boiled down to  few basic principles. It turns out that as long as the Lift […]

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How Sharp Are Your Sales Skills

How Sharp Are your Sales Skills? This is about two woodsmen who were challenged to see who could chop the most wood in one day. The winner would be recognized as the best woodsmen in the land. The two woodsmen started early and observers could hear the deep steady “whomp” as each heavy axe struck it’s target. […]

Motivate your sales team
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Want to motivate your sales team? Try a carrot!

When it comes to motivating sales people, Carrots are usually better Sticks. According to the research salespeople are best motivated by “carrots.”  If you want them to do more, give them more carrots.  It doesn’t have to be compensation though—commissions are already there for doing their every day jobs.  The type of carrot can depend […]

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Knowledge is Power and Knowing Your Competition – Essential!

There is still time to check on your competition and see how they plan to set themselves apart as the “Highest and Best Value” in your market.Senior Living execs are preparing and approving marketing strategies, sales plans and budgets. Competitive Mystery Shopping is a great way to check to see how your competitions ” Service […]

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Want to master of your world with a smile?  Try the 5 A’s

Life and business seem to provide many opportunities for change, challenges and growth. How we manage these opportunities defines us. A while ago a friend of mine, Rick Munson shared with me one of his personal and business secrets of success he called, “The Five A’s”. . I was so impressed with the simplicity and […]

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Have you asked? What do your Sales People Sell?

  How would your sales people answer this question:  What do you sell? When asked, sales people and sales managers usually give the standard answer…. “We sell a life style, peace of mind, quality of care, social involvement…ect.” You know, the soft stuff. Hundreds of recorded Phone and In-Person Mystery Shops tell a different story. […]

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The Top Two Things That Drive Mystery Shoppers Crazy

As published by Steve Moran in the Senior Housing Forum The Top Two Things That Drive Mystery Shoppers Crazy and What You Can Do Mystery shoppers get to observe, listen to and compare hundreds of sales people doing their thing.  Here are the two top  things that drive mystery shoppers crazy plus some suggestions on […]

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Weekend and Night Mystery Shops Score bottom 25%!

Recent results show 70% of the night and weekend mystery calls score in the bottom 25%. Find out why!  —-> Click Here : To Download The Peak Phone Sales Call Guide. In Phoenix, Arizona, the thermometer spends most of its time above the 100 degree mark during the summer days and rarely dips below the mid 80s […]

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Grow Sales and be Competitive |Managing your most precious resource, TIME?|

Grow Sales and be Competitive  Managing your most precious resource, TIME?  Most sales people and sales managers value the freedom and ability to be in control of their own destiny. They value the ability to choose what they do and how they do it. Let’s face it: Managing your most precious commodity can be tough, […]