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The Most Powerful Closing Question…Do you love it?

Let’s Replace Like with Love I Believe that Selling is All About LOVE! First, I need to Love what I do. I want to be engaged in activities that are consistent with my beliefs and my values. Second, I want to Love what I sell.  I want to really believe in my heart that what I […]


Download a Free Competitive Checklist

How are planning to set yourself apart as the “Highest and Best Value” in your market? Given the competitive nature of the industry?  It is wise to check out the competition before preparing and approving marketing strategies, sales plans and budgets? Competitive Mystery Shopping is a great way to check to see how your competitions […]

Sales Management, Sales Skills Training, Sales Training, Weekly Sales Tip

Tips To Avoid The Summer Sales Slump – Shop & Train Your Sales Team

Want to avoid the summer sales slump?  Now might be a good time to shop your “Rock Star”sales team?  Let’s face it, Summer is in full swing and some of your sales people might be a little distracted. Recent Mystery shopping results identified opportunities to improve? …. Click here to Download a Free Sales Guide […]

Hidden Vaslues

Hidden Values & Sales

Perspectives, Points of View and Hidden Values are the links to understanding how people in general and especially seniors and their families react to information, respond to requests and ultimately make choices and decisions. Senior living marketers and sales people who make the effort to uncover, clarify and prioritize the customers Values will experience more […]

Sales Heros
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Want To Be A Sales Hero?

Today’s customers need more than an average sales person, They need a confident, caring professional who is ready to serve them when they need help. They need a fearless person who can help them be honest about their situation and encourage them to make challenging decisions and difficult changes so they can have their needs […]

Fly Fishing & Sales
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Do Sales and Fly Fishing Share Common Ground?

Sales and Fly Fishing are two of my passions.  I suspect the reason is that I have not achieved my full potential in either area and I know that I can increase my success by focusing on a few important principles which I control.  Here are my thoughts, can you think of others? You catch more […]

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Talk Less & Sell More | 5 Game Changing Presentation Tips

Let’s be honest we have all been guilty of finding ourselves blabbering on in a sales presentation while being keenly aware that our customer’s eyes are glazing over with other more important issues like what they are planning for dinner. Why is talking less than our customer during a sales presentation so difficult? Like any […]

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The Dangers of Discounting | How to beat the competition without selling price

Discounts and incentives are one of the Senior living industries most expensive and damaging sales tools. Before you continue your current policies you might want to consider these questions? A sales executive with a national Senior Living company recently shared with me that the company’s sales people did not have the sales skills or confidence to differentiate their […]

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Making a friend is more important than making a sale

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend who operates a large company in the senior living space.  It is always good to visit with my pal and catch up.  I am so glad that our friendship has endured even though my company has not provided any service to his for some […]

Leary Senior Customer
Competitive Intelligence

*Are Today’s Customers Their Own Worst Enemy?

Are today’s customers their own worst enemy? Recently Peak Performance MS was given the opportunity to shop more than 300 senior living competitors.  The goal was to gather detailed information about each competitor and compile a comparative report. What we found was that In general, the sales people we encountered did not have the confidence, skills or training to […]