Why Choose Peak Performance?

Customer Driven & Metrically Proven

Peak Performance MS, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a full-service sales performance improvement solutions provider and marketing firm. For more than 18 years William Nowell and the team members at Peak Performance MS have been helping companies in all facets of the Housing, Senior Living and Health Care Industries improve sales performance, raise occupancy and maximize marketing efficiencies.

At the heart of our philosophy is our belief in measuring the key metrics that drive sales performance and outcomes. This philosophy has spawned several state of the art services and industry innovations including, Peak Performance MS  Mystery Shop surveys and Competitive Research, and even Industry specific Automated Marketing.

Peak Performance MS values based Mystery Shops and Competitive Research provides valuable, sales performance improvement data that helps our clients create actionable strategies achieve more success with their sales and marketing programs.

Peak Performance Mystery Shopping Program

Mystery shopping is an effective and cost efficient way marketing experts can answer important questions and measure specific sales skill levels and the customer experience real time.  As Will Rogers used to say, “It’s not what you don’t know that is uncomfortable, it’s what you know that ain’t so”

Mystery shopping can increase awareness of sales standards and reinforce positive practice and behaviors.

Peak Performance MS has thousands of shoppers nationwide to serve you. Our expertise in the Housing, Senior Living and Health Care Industries is unmatched.

Measuring Performance and its benefits

“You Can Only Expect What You Inspect”

Performance improvement is expedited when your company:

  • Establishes clear performance standards, that are proven successful
  • Your sales and customer service team are trained with the skills and confidence to execute the standards.
  • Actual performance is consistently measured against the standards.
  • Accurate quantitative and qualitative feedback is provided to the team in a format that is easily understood and actionable.
  • Performance standards correlate with desired outcomes i.e. is what we are training our folks to do understood, being done and working to increase sales.