Hidden Vaslues

Hidden Values & Sales

Perspectives, Points of View and Hidden Values are the links to understanding how people in general and especially seniors and their families react to information, respond to requests and ultimately make choices and decisions. Senior living marketers and sales people who make the effort to uncover, clarify and prioritize the customers Values will experience more […]

Sales Heros
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Want To Be A Sales Hero?

Today’s customers need more than an average sales person, They need a confident, caring professional who is ready to serve them when they need help. They need a fearless person who can help them be honest about their situation and encourage them to make challenging decisions and difficult changes so they can have their needs […]

Fly Fishing & Sales
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Do Sales and Fly Fishing Share Common Ground?

Sales and Fly Fishing are two of my passions.  I suspect the reason is that I have not achieved my full potential in either area and I know that I can increase my success by focusing on a few important principles which I control.  Here are my thoughts, can you think of others? You catch more […]