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So Many Analogies, So Little Time!

I have have had a love for bicycling for most of my life. I have always felt that there is a certain freedom and accountability when you riding that is very rare and exhilarating.  I read recently that when Steve Jobs was trying to decide on a name for Apple, he had considered the name, […]

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Top Managers Share Ideas – Maximize the Value of Mystery Shopping!

Maximize the perception and Value of your Mystery Shopping Program with a few simple ideas. It’s all about Purpose, Process and Persistence. There are few sales management tools that have the ability to be more powerful and/or polarizing than Mystery Shopping. Mystery Shopping has the ability to strike fear in the hearts of even the […]

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The Big Eraser Close

An Easy and Effective Appointment Setting Technique The Big Eraser Close!  If I had a nickel for every time I have heard this objection: “I can’t make an appointment right now, I need to check with my, ( Mom, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, lawyer, Accountant, Friend, ect.), before I can commit to a specific day […]